by Jerry Vines

Without A Doubt
Acts 16:25-34
Jerry Vines

I’m bringing four messages around the theme of Escape From Doubting Castle.
I’m trying to help you deal with doubt. If you have doubts concerning your salvation
I’m trying to help you with the matter of doubt. This morning our message is Without A
I’m talking a little bit about church members who have doubts concerning their
salvation. There are two categories of church members who doubt their salvation. There
are church members who are lost and have never received Jesus as their personal Savior.
God will cause lost church members to doubt their salvation in order to bring them to
conviction and indeed that they might come to salvation. On the other hand, there are
saved people who are church members and for whatever reason they begin to have some
doubts concerning their salvation. To rob them of their joy and peace and to render them
ineffective in their Christian service, Satan comes causing them to doubt and he locks
them up in the dungeon of old Doubting Castle.
It seem that this matter of doubt concerning salvation is something that is more
prevalent for people today, Christians today, than it was in the New Testament era. You
do not find a great deal of information about new Christians in the New Testament who
has some problems concerning their salvation. So, I thought I would like to, this
morning, conduct an interview with a New Testament Christian and see how it is that
they came to such assurance and could say, “I am saved without a doubt.”
Step with me for just a moment into a space capsule. I want to go on a journey of
several thousand miles. We are in the space capsule and we’ve gone a journey of several
thousand miles and we are in the nation of Macedonia and the city of Philippi. A few
months ago I had the opportunity to go literally to that very city of Philippi, but you and I
now in imagination are in the city of Philippi. Su ...

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