by Jerry Vines

James 3:1-12
Jerry Vines

James, the half-brother of our Lord, was quite a
preacher. He was a preacher before he was a writer,
but the Holy Spirit has given to us in this little
book some of the subjects that James touches on in how
to live the Christian life victoriously and how
Christian belief is to be behaved on a daily basis.
Read all twelve of these verses because I want you to
get the impact of what is being said here.

James has a very practical way of explaining what the
Christian life is all about. James, in showing us
what it means to really live the Christian life shows
us the basic tests that indicate Christian maturity.
The last verses of the second chapter of James have to
do with the subject of our faith and our works. James
has rung the changes on the truth that a genuine,
living, saving faith will always give evidence of
itself by daily behavior, by works.

Now, he moves from the subject of our faith and works
to the subject of our faith and our words. James says
to us that one of the tests of Christian maturity is
the kind of words it produces in our lips. James is a
very practical person. He is almost a doctor. It's as
if we are going to Dr. James for a little while. You
go to a doctor and you are not feeling well. One of
the first things the doctor will do is say, "Open your
mouth and let me see your tongue." He will examine
your tongue. A doctor knows that many times the
tongue is an indication of your physical condition.
Dr. James is a doctor of the soul. He is a doctor of
the life. James understands that many times the
tongue is an indicator of the condition of the
spiritual nature of an individual. So, James is
talking here about the importance of the tongue.

Proverbs 18:21 says, death and life are in the power
of the tongue. The tongue can give life, indeed, as
we shall see. The tongue can cause death as we shall


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