by Jerry Vines

The Passion For Pleasure
James 4:1-3
Jerry Vines

One thing about the book of James. He just deals with life as it is. He's just bringing up all of these areas where Christians struggle and deals with them. While I think about that for the next four Sundays I'm going to bring a brief series of messages which I'm going to call Escape From Doubting Castle. I'm going to talk about doubt in the life of a believer. Where doubt comes from-sometimes Christians doubt their salvation and wonder if they are saved. I'm going to talk about doubt, salvation, security-how to know that you are secure in the Lord. Then I'll talk about assurance and where we get our assurance to know we are saved and be able to deal with our doubts. So, if you know anyone who is struggling with doubts concerning their salvation invite them to come and be with us Sunday morning. There are two ways for a person to live life. You can live your life to please God or you can live your life to please yourself. The Westminster Confession says, ''The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.'' The philosophy of pleasure, on the other hand, says, ''The chief end of man is to glorify man himself and to enjoy himself forever.''

Living to please God or living to please yourself. The Lord Jesus set the pattern for us. The Bible says that the Lord Jesus Christ pleased not himself. In fact He said that He always did those things that pleased the Heavenly Father. So, really the purpose of life, the reason we are here, is that we might live in such a way as to please the Lord. But the fact of the matter is multitudes of people have made the decision that the whole purpose of life is just to enjoy yourself and to fill your life with a variety of pleasures. I think you would agree with me that America has gone pleasure-mad. We are living in a culture where party time has come to be the number one emphasis. We have all kinds of things to give us pleasures. We have our sports, our games, ...

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