by Jerry Vines

John 19:38-42
Jerry Vines

When Jesus was crucified He was crucified in a garden and also in that garden
there was a tomb where Jesus was buried. It’s rather interesting to me that at the place of
the death and burial of our Lord Jesus Christ we are told there was a garden. In many
ways the whole story of the Bible can be told around gardens. For instance, it was in a
garden that sin was born. It is now in a garden that sin is buried. In a garden Adam
ruined the human race. In a garden the Lord Jesus Christ redeemed the human race. So,
in that garden there was a cross and a tomb. These are the two great symbols of the
Christian faith. The cross and the tomb. These two symbols tell us about man’s two
great problems. It really doesn’t matter when people live—what era or where they live—
all people everywhere and in all ages have had to do battle with two great problems.
Many things change in this world but these things do not change.
We are living in a day of different vocabulary, aren’t we? We have to learn
different words today. I’ve been working with young people and interested in young
people for a long, long time. I used to try to keep up with their vocabulary, but about
time you learn one set of words they change the words and you had to learn another set.
In our culture today we are living with a different of vocabulary. We hear words today
like mouse and byte and chips and cookies. When I was a teenage boy if you had talked
like that someone would think that you were talking about having a pet mouse who liked
to nibble on chocolate chip cookies. But today we are using the language of computer
terminology. So, in many ways we are living in a different world. But in many other
ways, in the basic ways that really matter, we are in a world where the problems are all
the same.
Man only has two problems. I was on a plane sometime ago and I was talking to
a man who was ...

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