by Jerry Vines

Praising Jesus
Revelation 1:5-6
Jerry Vines

Keep in mind that John is writing this on an island called Patmos in a dark, dingy,
damp cave. In that situation the Lord is opening up heaven for him and letting him see
the Lord Jesus.
These are the words of a man who came to know the Lord Jesus when he was a
young person. He is now an old man and as he concludes his life he lifts up this great
doxology to the Lord.
One of the reasons I like Sunday night church so very much is because when I
was a nine-year-old boy in a county seat town in Georgia, I was sitting on the second row
and I invited the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart and into my life. I went forward and I
gave my hands to the preacher and I gave my heart to Jesus. At that moment Jesus Christ
came into my life. I was aware of the fact that a new personality had come into my
understanding. I came to know that there is a new person—His name was Jesus—that He
had saved me from my sins and was going to live with me for all of the rest of my life.
That’s been 52 years ago now. It seems hardly possible that 52 years have passed since
that night I invited this wonderful Jesus into my heart. Jesus Christ is more real, more
precious, more wonderful to me tonight than He has ever been.
We used to sing a little song, “Every Day With Jesus is Sweeter Than the Day
Before. Every day with Jesus I love Him more and more. Jesus saves and keeps me and
he’s the One I’m living for. Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.”
Through these years of my life, though I haven’t learned as much about Jesus as I
would like to know, there has been an unveiling, an unfolding of the person and the work
of the Lord Jesus to my heart which has blessed me beyond the ability of human words to
John is now an old man. He has known the Lord Jesus personally and intimately
through all of these years. He has known Him in the flesh, now he knows Him in t ...

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