by Jerry Vines

Hebrews 6:17-19
Jerry Vines

I think we are more aware today than we have ever been that we are living indeed
in an unsafe world. The tragic events unfolding in Littleton, Colorado, at Columbine
High School have raised again concerns about the safety of our own children.
The president said this week that our children need to know they are safe. But
the fact of the matter is our children do not feel safe any more. In the newspaper a young
lady said, “I don’t feel safe.”
Right here in Jacksonville, several students who have been interviewed in our
schools have said that they do not feel safe. So, our public officials, our school officials,
are looking over again at the safety measures which are in place to ensure that our boys
and girls and our young people are safe and are taking a good look at all safety
procedures. I commend them for doing this.
I’m not going to say a whole about the Littleton, Colorado, today because on
Mother’s Day I intend to address the issue after I’ve had a little time to think it through
and really come to some conclusions in my own mind. You might tell people on
Mother’s Day I will be addressing the tragic massacre in Colorado and some of the
factors that may be in place.
I bring that up this morning to say to you that the matter of safety is important in
every area of life. It is important in the physical area. It is important to the life of our
families and our young people. It is also important in the spiritual arena as well. People
need to know that they are spiritually safe, that they are spiritually secure. When
Christians begin to doubt their salvation and find themselves locked up in the dungeon of
Doubting Castle then they become very unsure and they feel a sense of danger. They
wonder if their eternity is indeed secure. Of course, reversing the matter for a moment,
one of the reasons that people do get themselves into Doubting Castle is t ...

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