by Jerry Vines

I Thessalonians 1:5
Jerry Vines

For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the
Holy Spirit, and in much assurance; as you know what matter of men we were among you
for your sake.
When it comes to matters of salvation and assurance, probably there are about
four groups represented in this service this morning. I think all of you would fall in to
one of these four categories. Some of you are saved and you know you are saved. You
have trusted Christ as your Savior and you have the assurance in your heart that you are
indeed saved. Some of you are lost and you know you are lost. Regardless of whether
you care one way or the other, regardless if you are interested in doing anything about it,
you are lost and you know that you are lost. There is a third category. Some of you may
think you are saved and yet you are not saved. You may have joined the church. You
may have gone through some church ritual or ceremony. You may have your name on a
church book somewhere. You think you are saved but you are really lost and have never
been saved. I think the fourth category is that there is are people in the service this
morning who are saved—you have truly received Christ as your Savior, but you do not
know you are saved. You really have some doubts about it and you lack the assurance in
your heart. You are saved, but you do not have the assurance that you are saved.
I want to remind you that there is a difference between salvation and security and
the assurance of your salvation. If you have received Christ as your Savior then the Bible
teaches you are secure. But it is possible for a person who has received Christ as Savior
to lack the assurance that they have been saved.
Second thing I want to remind you is this. If you have doubts concerning your
salvation you do not lose your salvation. You can be saved, have doubts about your
salvation, but that ...

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