by Jerry Vines

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Luke 14:25-33
Jerry Vines


We are really, really committed as a church fellowship to our young people. This
graduating class is another representative group of literally thousands of young people
who have come t rough the ministry of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, and are now all
over this country and literally all over the world serving the Lord Jesus Christ.
I have brought a series of messages which I have entitled, Columbine: America’s
Fading Flower. Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, is named after the state
flower of Colorado. I have been told that the citizens there are allowed to pluck only 24
columbine, individually, each year.
The massacre at Columbine has become a symbol of a culture in America which
is going increasingly pagan. It has become a symbol of many of the problems that are
very current in America, that affect the entire culture, but in particular have an affect
upon our youth culture.
I do not want to close this series on a negative note. Rather I want to close on a
positive note. I want to say that all through the tragedy there were some buds of promise
and great hope. Who can forget the story of the faithful school teacher, Dave Saunders,
who literally gave his own life to protect his students? When we read about that
tremendous sacrifice we are reminded of the great host of teachers in our schools who
faithfully do their jobs day by day by day, who sacrifice their own desires and interests,
who work for salaries less than they could earn in other fields because they are
committed to the young people of our land.
So, I want to say publicly today, God bless all of you in administration. God
bless all of you who serve as faculty. God bless all of you who work in any capacity in
the educational process of the young people of this city in Jacksonville.
There are also some other positive signs that are going on in America. Fo ...

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