by Jerry Vines

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John 14:1-6
Jerry Vines


It seems to me that the Columbine massacre has graphically portrayed for us the
fading flower of America’s youth culture. There are really two sides in the culture war in
America. On the one side there was a boy with a gun and the Trench Coat Mafia. On the
other side there was a girl with a Bible. On one side was a philosophy that finds living
people and leaves them dead. On the other side, the ch5r side, there is a philosophy
which finds people dead and leaves them alive. In the midst of America’s fading youth
culture which is like a beautiful flower that is fading right before our eyes, we are
discovering that there is a blooming flower of faith in the hearts and lives of many of the
young people of our land. All of the reading I’ve been able to do seems to indicate to me
that when the massacre took place in Columbine on April 20, one of the special targets
was those who are Christians. Several of those who were martyred for their faith
believed in the Lord Jesus and had an open, unashamed testimony for the Lord. One of
these was a young lady named Cassie Bernall. Cassie was a 17 year old vivacious young
lady. Had cornsilk hair down almost to her waist. She was growing it very, very long.
She was a member of the West Bowes Community Church in that area. In death she has
been called by many a modern Christian martyr.
Probably you have heard about her story. It was a thrilling and fascinating story.
In the 9th grade Cassie was a troubled middleschooler. She was going down the wrong
path. She was fascinated with witch craft and with suicide. She was into drugs and
alcohol. Her parents could see that things weren’t going real well for Cassie. They were
disturbed by the downward spiral they saw in her life as they saw her going from bad to
The parents of Cassie, when she was in the 9th grade took some strong measures.
Th ...

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