by Jerry Vines

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Judges 1:19
Jerry Vines

I preached a message last Sunday morning on Columbine and in studying that
tragedy and looking at all of the influences and ideologies which are involved in that
whole matter, I really felt an impression from the Lord in my heart, to spend a few weeks
now and try to do some things that would help our parents and help our young people in
understanding what is going on in America, trying to give you some perspective. I’m
actually going to be dealing with various aspects of this subject from now until our cap
and gown Sunday. Next Sunday morning, I’ll speak on the subject of “The Trench Coat
Mafia.” Then, I’ll bring a message entitled, “Yes, I Believe,” setting forth what
Christian young people in America believe. Then, on Cap and Gown Day, I’ll talk a little
bit about, “Count the Cost.”

When the shooting was finally over at Columbine High School the SWAT team
entered. They found there all of the evidences of a real war. They found empty
ammunition clips. They found about 60 bombs, as it turned out. They found the bodies
of the dead and the wounded littering the floor. One of the SWAT team members said
that it was like a war zone.

Of course, it was certainly like a war zone in all of the physical damage and all of
the blood and violence that occurred. Actually, when you begin to study what took place
in Columbine High School you discover that this was a war within a war. Maybe you
have heard in recent days about the culture war in America. In America, there are two
competing views of what life is all about. Two competing views of religious beliefs, of
ethical standards, and moral behaviors. When our boys and girls go into the high school
of our cities every week, actually what they are encountering is this competition of the
two views of what life is all about.

Have you ever noticed how children have a tendency to act out what their p ...

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