by Jerry Vines

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Isaiah 40:6-8
Jerry Vines
5/9/99 (Mother’s Day)

This is going to be a different kind of message, not normally what I usually do in
my messages.

It was every mother’s worst nightmare. I guess from the first day our children go
to school and we are aware of the fact that from that day on for several hours every day
they are going to be out of our safety and care—we begin to get that little sense of
anxiety and fear because we realize we aren’t going to be around during that period of
time to protect them and make them safe.

It was Tuesday morning, April 20, in Littleton, Colorado. Moms kiss their
children and saw them out the door. Some getting in cars, others driven. They made
their way to school. The students entered in the doors of Columbine High School to go
into their classes and their activities, to be among friends and enemies.

Eleven-thirty that morning, two boys in masks with black trench coats on, packing
enough fire power and bombs to destroy the school, calmly went walking across the
parking lot. They opened fire. Quickly they entered the school. They were in the
cafeteria for a period of time, then they were in the Library. They were yelling and
shooting, laughing and saying, “we’ve waited to do this our whole lives.” Kids were
running everywhere seeking safety. They hid themselves in rooms. Prayer meetings
were organized. I haven’t heard any protest from the ACLU. Fire alarms went off. The
sprinkler system turned on, filling the floors with about 4 inches of water. They casually
decided, as they walked through the building, who would live and who would die.

They targeted in particular athletes, minorities, and Christians. In the Library
there was a young lady named Cassie Bernall. She had on her WWJD arm band. She
was reading her Bible. It lasted for about an hour. They tried to escape. When they saw
the SWAT team they committed suicide. ...

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