by Jerry Vines

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’99 SP, #3
Matt. 6:9-15.
Jerry Vines

I’m showing you not how to survive in ’99, but to thrive in ’99. I’m trying to help
give you some information which will enable this to be the greatest year in your life.
Do you have a good survival phone?
I guess one of the most outstanding and exciting events in recent American
history is the ’96 rescue of Captain Scott O’Grady, the F-16 pilot who was shot down
over Bosnia. He survived in hostile territory for 6 days and then was dramatically
rescued. Among the things that were available to him when he was shot down was a
survival kit. In that kit there were 8 packs of water which he soon consumed. There was
some camouflage netting which he found very helpful to him. There were some flares.
There was also a medical kit. But the most valuable instrument he had in that survival kit
was a $4,000 radio which made it possible for him to contact those who would ultimately
bring him rescue and get him back again. His survival phone was very, very vital.
I want to talk with you this morning about surviving in 1999. I’m not talking
about just holding on by your fingertips. I’m talking about how to really survive and
thrive in ’99. If you are going to do this it is very, very important for you to have a
survival phone. You are going to have to have some means of staying in contact with
Central Control.
Out of the Scripture I have read in Matthew you ought to know exactly what I’m
talking about. I’m talking about what God has made available for me and you to keep in
contact with heaven, to stay in contact with God’s plans and God’s will.
I mentioned a week or so ago to you the hymn we used to sing when I was a boy.
I got to thinking about and I asked Marty Hamby if he could find it for me and he did. It
was written in 1909 right after the telephones were invented. Some of you sitting here can
remember seeing those first telephones up on the w ...

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