by Jerry Vines

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Your Survival Food (2 of 4)
Jerry Vines
Psalm 119:129-133

I'm going to talk to you today on your survival food. I'm doing a series of messages on Your Survival Pak for '99, how to survive and thrive as a child of God in the year 1999. Whatever the year may bring God has given us a survival package and I'm sharing it with you and trying to lay out before you some matters that will be helpful for you in the year 1999.

Drop back to the 103rd verse. It says, ''How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth.''

There is a beautiful statement about the Word of God. The Bible is compared here to a nutritious, delicious food. We are learning more about food nutrition, I guess, than we have ever learned before. We know that if you are going to be strong, if you are going to be physically mature, it is important for you to have a good, nutritious diet plan. You need a combination of proteins and carbohydrates and fat. You need some vegetables and some fruit. You need some grain. You need to hit the dessert tray sparingly. And you need to have an overall well-rounded nutritious plan.

I was reading this week a rather sad article about Iraq and the fact that this is the seventh year of the international embargo and they are not getting the kinds of foods they need into the land. One of the things they are encountering there among their doctors is the large number of boys and girls who are malnourished because they are not getting the proper foods. The article went on to say that the only way to really be whole and healthy is to have a good nutritious meal

We are talking about a survival plan. I read the story again this week of Captain Scott O'Grady who was shot down in Bosnia a few years ago. His book is entitled Return With Honor. It's a rather fascinating book. It tells about his survival plan and his survival gear and the fact that for six days, behind enemy lines, he was able to survive. He gave out of food and water and so h ...

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