by Jerry Vines

Daniel 10-12
Jerry Vines
MN #10

This series has caught up with me. I’m running out of Sundays because we have a
number of special services coming up in the future. So, I’m having to group these three
chapters together. I had intended to give a chapter-by-chapter survey of the book of
Daniel. I’ve done that until these three chapters. But I think we can get the essence of the
chapters and I think that this Bible study can be a real blessing. Pray that the Lord will
give you what you need from this message as you have come to this service. I think it
will be a very encouraging message for you.
I think Daniel, at this particular time, perhaps was going through a little bit of
discouragement. He had received the marvelous testimony and prophecy in Daniel 9
about the end-times and God’s plan and purpose for His people, the children of Israel.
He had been told that at the end of the 70 years of captivity there would be a decree
issued which would make it possible for the Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild their
city and their homeland. That decree had been issued, but the fact of the matter is the
response had been rather disappointing. Not a lot of the Jews were ready to go back, or
interested in going back to Jerusalem, so there was a very, very meager response. After
about 70 years living in Babylon, the people of God had grown accustomed to Babylon.
They had settled down to life there and they really didn’t have a great deal of interest, at
this point in time, in spiritual things.
It reminds me of what the Bible says about the end of the age and the period of
apostasy. We do know that among the other characteristics of the time of apostasy, one
of those will be a lukewarmness on the part of the people of God. God’s people will have
a tendency to just settle down in this world and really not let their hearts be excited and
gripped about the wonderful promises God has in the futur ...

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