by Jerry Vines

Lifestyles of the Poor and Prosperous
James 1:9-11
Jerry Vines
Behave Yourself, #

One of the things I enjoy Wednesday night is that we can just take these passages
of Scripture and go verse by verse and word by word almost and I don’t know of a better
book for us to be studying in 1999 than the book of James.
The little book of James written by the half-brother of our Lord is probably the
most practical book in all of the New Testament. He deals with life as we find it. He
gives us a true account of what you and I experience as we make the journey of life. He
has told us in the opening verses that trial is a part of life and that God uses trial to bring
us to Christian maturity. He has also talked with us about our need for wisdom. He has
told us that we have the right as God’s born again children to go to God directly and ask
for the wisdom that we need. If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God. What a
wonderful promise this is for you and me to claim in our daily decisions of life.
Now he comes to another matter which is very true to life. He recognizes that in
life there are the poor and also the rich. The Bible recognizes the socio-economic
distinctions which people encounter in society. He points out the fact that there are those
who are poor and those who are rich. Not only is this true in the culture at large, but it is
also true in the Christian community. For whatever reasons there some believers who
very little of material possessions. On the other hand, for whatever reasons, there are
Christians who have an abundance of material things. He comes to this passage of
Scripture and he talks about those socio-economic distinctions and says that the Christian
who is poor and the Christian who is rich are both to rejoice, but they rejoice for just the
opposite reasons.
James is dealing here in paradox. As you study the Bible you will find that many
figures of speech are used. They graph ...

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