by Jerry Vines

James 1:5-8
Jerry Vines

I would say that most of you who are in this service this evening, at one time
during the day or maybe several times during the day, encountered a circumstance or
situation or a problem when you really did not know what to do or how to exactly go
about making that decision. You probably found yourself in one or more circumstances
today when you really needed some wisdom. The kind of world we are living in and the
kind of problems we face we really do need wisdom.

I read a number of years ago “if you can keep your head when all else around you
are losing theirs, it’s a sure sign you don’t understand the situation.”

All of us find ourselves in that. There’s not a whole lot of wisdom around us
today. There is a lot of knowledge. We have all kinds of knowledge. We are living in a
time when there are mountains of information. We are in the information era. We have
all kinds of data. We have access to all kinds of facts. This is probably the most
knowledgeable generation in human history; but there is little wisdom. We have not only
a lot of knowledge, but we have a lot of education. Probably more people have more
education than any other time in our history also. In fact, some folks are educated
beyond their intelligence. We are living in a time of educated ignorance; but there is very
little wisdom.

James has just jumped right in and has talked to us about the problems that we
face in life and the fact that in many times these problems come in order to help us grow
and mature in the Lord. So, he has given us a directive. He has said when those kind of
problems and trials come, count it joy. Put it down in the plus column. Count it as an
asset in your life. That immediately brings us to an awareness that just to understand that
we need the wisdom of God.

Keep in mind that James was steeped in the Old Testament scriptures. He was a
writer, bu ...

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