by Jerry Vines

James 1:1
Behave Yourself #1
A study in book of James

This is our opening message on the study of the book of James. I’m real excited
about it. We are going to take our time and really dig into this book. I’m going to give
you an in-depth, very practical, hard-hitting study of the book of James. There are five
chapters in this little book.
Back in November there was an article in Newsweek Magazine entitled, Sex, Sin
and Salvation. It was an article to do with the president of the United States and his
affiliation with a Southern Baptist church. It traced the denominational history of the
President from the time that he made a profession of faith as a 9 year-old boy at a Baptist
church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It traced right on through his involvement in the choir
and in Emmanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, when he was the governor of
Arkansas. But the thrust of the article was that his behavior is a reflection of Baptist
doctrine—that he reflects what Baptists teach and what Baptists believe. The article took
the approach that Bill the Baptist, as they called him, was just living out what he was
taught in his Baptist churches. In other words, that a person can be saved and then they
can just live kind of any way they want to live. Just because they have trusted Christ as
their Savior and they are going to heaven when they die, they can set their own rules and
establish their own guidelines and determine what is right for them according to their
own interpretation of it. Truthfully the article itself was a slam on Baptists. It doesn’t
represent what Baptists believe at all. It’s certainly not what this Baptist preacher has
preached through his ministry. It’s not what this Baptist church believes. We believe that
when a person receives Jesus Christ as their personal Savior not only does it mean that
you are going to heaven when you die, but it als ...

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