by Jerry Vines

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In Stormy Weather
Psalm 55
Jerry Vines


Most agree that this particular psalm was written during the days of the Absalom
rebellion. Absalom, a son of David, rebelled from his own father who was king,
committed an act of insurrection and stole for a period of time the kingdom of his own
father. It is a time of treachery, indeed.
There are several psalms written by David called treachery psalms. Psalm 52 is
one of those. It has its background when Doeg told Saul where David could be located.
Psalm 54 is also a treachery psalm. It was written when Zephim said, Come, David was
hiding with them. Treachery psalms. When people were committing acts of treachery
against him. Psalm 55 is one of those treachery psalms. Its background is the rebellion of
his son, Absalom and the betrayal of his best friend Ahithophel. It was written in a
Verse 8 says, “I will hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest.” David
finds himself, at this particular time, in a storm. It’s not a storm of nature. There’s not
literal rain falling, but it is a storm of a different kind. It is a storm of people.
Sometimes those are the worse storms of all. David finds himself in an experience like
that in stormy weather.
David finds himself in a condition where he is absolutely desperate. He’s in one
of those occasions in his life when he doesn’t know what to do. Maybe you have
experiences like that. Maybe you have encountered some problems that are
overwhelming to you. There doesn’t seem to be any solution whatsoever. You just find
yourself in a storm and you are overwhelmed by it. You would like to just run away if
you possibly could. You are so overwhelmed that you would just like to get away from it
all. If you’ve ever been in that condition, then this psalm is for you.
I. David Experiences TERROR.
Notice several things David shows us in this psalm written in stormy weat ...

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