by Jerry Vines

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In Pleasant Places
Psalm 16
Jerry Vines

When David was just a teenager, the prophet Samuel poured the anointing oil over
him and declared that one day he would be the king of all Israel. Shortly after that David
went to be in the court of King Saul and early on in that period of time David confronted
and killed the giant Goliath. There was so much praise brought to David because of this
experience that Saul was moved with an insane jealousy. David had to flee for his life.
So, for a period of years David was a fugitive. He was on the run, running like an animal
trying to get away from someone who was viciously trying to take his life. He was in
some very difficult places during those years as we have seen. Sometimes he was in a
horrible pit. Other times he was in caves. It was out of these experiences that David
wrote some of his most meaningful psalms. Psalms are written in horrible pits and they
are written in caves. Whatever the time may be in your life or wherever you may be at
some particular time in your life, whatever you may be going through, it is an opportunity
to learn something about God and to have an experience with God that can literally bring
a song out of your heart.
Now, in verse 6, we learn that David says he is in pleasant places. You might
think that is really good and you are glad to know that. Glad he moved out of those pits
and caves. Glad he has moved to the Bethlehem Hilton and is in pleasant places. Hold it
just a minute. You may be in for a surprise. David says he is in pleasant places and yet I
think the indication is in the background that David is still in a cave. He is still on the
run. It may be that the danger has receded for a period of time, but he is still not in the
most ideal conditions. Yet, in the midst of the difficult times, David is able to declare
that the lines have fallen unto him in pleasant places.
Let me give ...

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