by Donald Cantrell

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Betrayed by God (1)
Series: Disappointment with God
Donald Cantrell
Psalms 44: 23-26

Psa 44:23 KJV - Awake, why sleepest thou, O Lord? arise, cast us not off for ever.
Psa 44:24 KJV - Wherefore hidest thou thy face, and forgettest our affliction and our oppression?
Psa 44:25 KJV - For our soul is bowed down to the dust: our belly cleaveth unto the earth.
Psa 44:26 KJV - Arise for our help, and redeem us for thy mercies' sake.

I - The Scenario that is Unsettling (23)
II - The Suggestion that is Unspoken (24)
III - The Sorrow that is Unsought (25)
IV - The Statement that is Unsuccessful (26)

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline, with sub-points.

''Get Me Out Of Here''

In his book ''The Pressure's off'' psychologist Larry Crabb tells this story from his childhood.

One Saturday afternoon, I decided I was a big boy and could use the bathroom without anyone's help. So I climbed the stairs, closed and locked the door behind me, and for the next few minutes felt very self-sufficient.

Then it was time to leave. I couldn't unlock the door. I tried with every ounce of my three-year-old strength, but I couldn't do it. I panicked. I felt again like a very little boy as the thought went through my head, ''I might spend the rest of my life in this bathroom.''

My parents-and likely the neighbors-heard my desperate scream. ''Are you okay?'' Mother shouted through the door she couldn't open from the outside.

''Did you fall? Have you hit your head?'' ''I can't unlock the door!'' I yelled. ''Get me out of here!''

I wasn't aware of it right then, but Dad raced down the stairs, ran to the garage to find the ladder, hauled it off the hooks, and leaned it against the side of the house just beneath the bedroom window. With adult strength, he pried it open, then climbed into my prison, walked past me, and with that same strength, turned the lock and opened the door.

''Thanks, Dad,'' I said-and ran out to play.

That's how I ...

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