by Jerry Vines

Romans 14:7-12
Jerry Vines

Have you ever been looking for something. You looked and you looked and you
are trying your best to see it. All of a sudden, when you saw it, it was so clear and so
prominent you wonder how you missed it. Have you ever looked at one of these pictures
we call optical illusions. There’s a picture there but you have to look at it just right or
you’ll miss it. There’s a Jesus optical illusion like that. Maybe you’ve seen it. You can
look at it and look at it and it just looks like a tangled confusion of lines and drawings,
but when you see Jesus in it the picture emerges and you wonder why you had trouble
seeing it at all. It’s an optical illusion.
I want to share with you a truth in the Bible which I believe most Christians miss.
I think it is a truth that is so prominent in the Bible that Christians just read about it and
they pass over it and they really don’t understand it. I have brought this message several
times in our fellowship. In fact, I’ve decided that probably about once a year we need to
go over this. This is old hat to those of you who have been members of our church for
any period of time, but there are some of you who are young Christians, others of you
have come into our fellowship from other churches, and you may have missed what I
believe is the truth that most Christians miss and they never really see in their Christian
life. It is the truth that Jesus is Lord.
In the 14th chapter, eleven times Jesus is referred to as the Lord. The truth of the
lordship of Jesus. When I was 9 years old I invited Jesus into my heart as my personal
Savior. At that point in time I gave all I knew about myself to all I knew about Jesus.
Jesus came into my life and He saved me. At the age of 16, like many in our youth choir,
our pastor preached a truth which though he has probably preached it many times before,
for the first time it really ...

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