by Jerry Vines

Romans 12:1-2
Jerry Vines

This is a strong Scripture, but I want to do it in a positive way which think
will be an encouragement and a blessing to you as we think around the thought
of Sweet Surrender.
When we think in terms of surrender, normally it is not a sweet
experience. It certainly was not a sweet surrender when the Japanese officials
came aboard the Missouri at the conclusion of World War II, there to face
General MacArthur and to make a surrender of the Japanese nation to the
American forces. It was a bitter surrender. It was certainly not a sweet
surrender when General Lee came to Appomattox, Virginia, to meet with General
Grant and surrender the Southern forces. It was a bitter, bitter surrender.
Yet in these two verse we are going to study this evening I think you have
the ingredients of a sweet surrender. We aren’t talking about the surrender of
one nation to another nation. We aren’t’ talking about the surrender of one
antagonist to another, necessarily. But we are talking about a surrender that
was like the surrender of the prodigal son when he returned to the home of his
loving father. The prodigal son left home with these words, “Give me.” He was
in rebellion against a father who loved him and was willing to give everything he
had to him. He returns to the father in total surrender and obedience and says to
the father, “Make me.” The father puts a robe on his back. He puts a ring on his
finger. He puts shoes on his feet. He kills the fatted calf. For the son has
returned to the father and that was indeed a sweet, sweet surrender.
The surrender we are going to think about is the surrender of our lives
totally and completely, 100% to the Lord Jesus Christ. These two verses
constitute a call that we surrender our lives totally to the God of the universe.
The God who has proved His love for us by sending His Son the Lord Jesus to
die on the cross for our ...

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