by Jerry Vines

II Chronicles 7:14
Jerry Vines

America is probably at the greatest crossroad in its history. We may be on the
verge of the greatest crisis we have ever known as a nation. As nations go, America is
relatively young. There are some who say we aren’t going to last much longer. I ran
across a quotation from Dr. Segrave Singer, a professor of history at North Carolina
University. He says, “The American dream is vanishing in the midst of terrifying
realities and visible signs of decadence in our contemporary society.” Analyzing the
statement the professor is saying--unless something happens in America, America isn’t
going to last much longer. We are going to collapse under our own corruption and our
own sin.
We have many, many problems in America and I guess probably the impending
impeachment inquiry of the president in Washington puts about all of them together
about as much as anything I’ve ever seen. It has it all--sexual immorality, lack of
statesmanship, redefining words to mean whatever you want them to mean, it has lying,
and all of these kinds of things as an accepted way of life. The spokesmen in America
today have become the Barney Franks and Larry Flynts. These seem to be the ones
people are turning to now to listen to where the country is going and where we are in
The immorality and the apathy of the American people are cause for great
concern. I look at our families and I know that we have tremendous problems. Some of
you sitting here this very day are facing some real difficulties in your marriages and in
your families. Mothers and fathers are here and they really don’t know what to do with
their sons and daughters. We are living in a time when violence in the schools is a very,
very disturbing trend. In recent months there have been murders and open shootings in
the schools of America. Now, young people are having to go through metal detectors in
their ...

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