by Jerry Vines

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Daniel 7
Jerry Vines

MN, #7
Perhaps some of you remember reading George Orwell’s book when in school,
1984. It was a book which depicted totalitarian rule and it’s where we get the phrase, Big
Brother is Watching You.” 1984 was probably the best-known book George Orwell ever
wrote. But there was another book entitled, Animal Farm, that is also an interesting
book. In this book is the account of animals in a farm who rebel against their owner and
the servitude they give to him. They decide they will run things themselves. But their
plan is sabotaged when they are taken over by the swine. All of them had political
meaning and purpose in the writing of them, but when I was studying this chapter I
couldn’t help but think about Orwell’s, Animal Farm, because God gave to this prophet
Daniel, in a foreign land, a fantastic vision about the future nations of the earth from his
time. He depicted them under the description of animals.
There’s one thing I want you to do that I think will help you understand the book
of Daniel. We have looked at the first six chapters and you might somewhere put chapters
1-6--PERSONAL. In these opening six chapters Daniel has talked about personal
matters. We have seen Daniel standing for the Lord, determining in his heart that he will
not compromise his convictions. Through all of the years of his life Daniel didn’t do that.
Chapters 1-6 we will call personal.
In Chapters 7-12, you might title those chapter PROPHECY. These chapters
primarily give the prophecy that God revealed to Daniel about the end time. We are
dealing with prophecy--things that when Daniel wrote about them were in the future.
Most of the things Daniel wrote about have already been fulfilled. They are no longer
prophecy. Now they are history. But there are some details that are yet to be fulfilled,
yet to come in the future, that are still in the category of prophecy. Prophecy is a ve ...

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