by Jerry Vines

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Delivered from Lions (6 of 8)
Jerry Vines
Daniel 6

Back in the second chapter God revealed to King Nebuchadnezzar a great image. The image had a head of gold and arms of silver. This was a revelation which God gave to the pagan king about the future of Gentile power on the earth. The Babylonian kingdom was the image of gold and the Medio/Persian kingdom was the silver arms of the image. We are going to see in this chapter the image of gold-Babylon is going to be replaces with the arms of silver-the Medio/Persian kingdom.

In the midst of this transition we are going to take a look at this man Daniel who served through a series of changes of kingdoms. He is probably the greatest prime minister in the history of the world. He is the prophet/statesman that God raised up at this particular time. I think so often when I read about Daniel, I John 2:17. It says, ''The world passes away and the lusts thereof, but he who does the will of God abides forever.'' Daniel just kept on and on and on.

Daniel 6 may be the most familiar chapter in all the book of Daniel. It's a familiar story of Daniel and the lions' den. Most of us, at one point or another, in our Bible study along the way, in Sunday School, we are told the thrilling, exciting story of how God delivers Daniel from a den of lions. It shows us the tremendous delivering power of our God.

Follow the movements of this particular chapter. We begin with -

I. The King's DECREE.

Verse 1 tells us about Darius and shows us that he was a man who was skilled in organization. He knew how to organize his kingdom. We are told here that he sets over 120 areas of his kingdom, these princes. Over these princes there were three men who were presidents of these realms and we are told that Daniel is set as the first among all of these. This is an astonishing thing. At this particular time Daniel was probably 90 years of age. All through these years this great old man of God has been faithfully serving and he is stil ...

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