by Jerry Vines

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Daniel 4
Jerry Vines
MN #4

This has to be the most exciting of all of the chapters of this marvelous
Millennium Notebook, the book of Daniel.
A rather stunning announcement was placed on the internet this afternoon. It
comes from the land of Iraq. it is an announcement about a booklet which has been
written by Sadaam Hussein who is the ruler of the land of Iraq. In this booklet he tells
about a rather unusual experience he has had. He says for about seven years he has been
nothing more than an animal. He has been like a beast of a man, but at the end of this
seven years he has come to believe that there is only one true God and that Jesus Christ
His Son is the Savior of the world and that he has given his life to Him and expects to
spend the rest of his days praising the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. A stunning
development. Of course, the fact of the matter is IT’S NOT TRUE. I just made that story
But it is no more stunning than what we are going to read in Daniel 4. One of the
predecessors of Sadaam Hussein is the man named Nebuchadnezzar who was king of the
same land, the land of Babylon. Daniel 4 records for us the stunning announcement that
Nebuchadnezzar has become a true believer in the Lord. Daniel 4 is really a booklet. It
is a personal testimony booklet written by this pagan king who gives testimony to his
salvation experience and how God changed him from a beast of a man into a true
Of course, we have a remarkable story here. It is the story of a human soul in the
hand of God. It shows us how God works directly in the life of this man and brings him
out of his paganism into salvation. It is a reminder to us that God can save the mighty as
well as the lowly. It is a reminder to us of the power of the saving Gospel of our God. It
says to us that no one is beyond the reach and the hope of the power of God.
This is a personal salvation b ...

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