by Jerry Vines

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Daniel 3
Jerry Vines

Millennium Notebook #3

This third chapter of Daniel is probably one of the most familiar chapters in all of
the Bible. It is the story about the three Hebrew young people who refused to bow down
to the image of gold and were cast into a burning fiery furnace.
You’ve heard the story about the preacher who was having trouble remembering
these three boys’ names. He wrote their names on a card and put it in his coat pocket in
case he forgot he could look there. Sure enough, he was preaching along and it came
time to call their names and he couldn’t do it. He just said, “Now, I want to talk to you
about the three Hebrew children.” He looked into his pocket and said, “Hart, Shaffner
and Marks.” Well, three Hebrew boys to be sure, but not the ones we are talking about
This is a thrilling chapter in God’s Word. It literally pulsates with drama and it
abounds in wonderful, wonderful lessons. It is a long chapter, but it is a chapter that is
loaded with lessons. It is a thrilling testimony to spiritual devotion and conviction, and
also to the supernatural protection of God.
Probably the best commentary on this chapter is found in Hebrews 11:34 where
the Bible says that, “These through faith quenched the violence of fire.” It is a testimony
that even in the midst of the fiery experiences of life, through faith we can conquer and
God will give us spiritual victory. Whatever fire you are going through, God can give
you the courage and through faith you can conquer that fire.
Probably most of us will never, ever go through an experience of being in a literal,
burning fiery furnace. But, along the way, if not already, you will go some experiences
just as inflammable. So, the well-dressed Christian in these days needs to have in his
wardrobe a suite of heavenly asbestos.
There was an old Gospel song, “They wouldn’t bow, they wouldn’t bend, they
woul ...

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