by Jerry Watts

The Heart of a Godly Leader
Jerry Watts
Habakkuk 1:1-4

Take a minute and look around you at the people in this room. Even though we think we know almost every person in this room, there is a good possibility that the person sitting on the same row with you has experienced or is experiencing deep hurt, deep heartache, or carries a deep burden which you would have no idea and would never guess. At the same time, there is a good possibility that you carry a hurt, heartache, and/or burden which no one else would ever believe.
My question for us tonight is this: What is it that evokes hurt, heartache and burden within you? Seriously consider that which troubles you most deeply. Last weekend, via DVD, Beth Moore began her loving well message to our ladies by revealing one of the reasons for the developing of a hard heart was the ''love of one's self''. Paul writes to Timothy that in the ''last days'' men will become ''lovers of one's self.'' Does it take something personal to give you a hurt, a pain, or a burden? What if it's happening to your country, community, culture, or even your church? What then?

The USA is arguably the greatest country to ever exist on the face of this planet. While we are a great nation, to take a look around should cause the child of God (who sincerely look) pain. This country, founded on the ethics, principles, and beliefs of God's word, is now abandoning these in lieu of a ''feel good'' mentality. This should be a burden for every believer. This type of thinking destroys countries and erodes cultures. If you look around at the condition of our nation, while at first, we may think it's encouraging to know, it should be frightening that a similar situation is found in the Southern Kingdom of Judah during the time that Habakkuk wrote. Please turn with me to Habakkuk 1.

The book of Habakkuk was written during a dark time in Judah's history. Admittedly, there was a seemingly ''superficial revival'' going on, but truthfully the coun ...

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