by Zach Terry

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How Will You Escape? (2 of 11)
Series: Hebrews
Zach Terry
Hebrews 1-2

INTRODUCTION: The Bible is a book of books - there are 66 books that make up your bible. One of the first things you need to do when you begin to study a new book is to ask yourself what genre is this book?

For example: Some books are historic narrative, some are personal letters, some are prophetic warnings, some are songs, some are proverbial sayings... or wisdom literature, then there is that obscure genre of apocalyptic literature. Well knowing the genre of literature will help you to understand what interpretive rules to apply in reading and studying the book.

This is why some people have a difficult time reading through the bible - they start in historic narrative, Genesis, Exodus, but then part way through Leviticus and Deuteronomy the genre shifts to more legalese. Some people find it very hard to continue at that point because it reads like a law book rather than a story at that point.

Well Hebrews is unique in this regard. Hebrews is set in the canon in the midst of letters. However, many theologians would agree that it is more of a HOMILY or SERMON than a letter.

That is important to know because it will employ certain rhetorical devices that you will not find in a letter. It will also have a more sophisticated flow of logic than you will find in many letters.

One other thing to keep in mind - Anytime you approach the word of God you must be careful to distinguish between the inspired portion and the uninspired. For example, the Titles of books are NOT inspired, the verse and chapter divisions are NOT inspired. The punctuation of sentences are not inspired. In the Hebrew or Greek those things were not present.

Some scribe added them to improve the read ability of the text - so when I said, ''open you bibles to Hebrews 2'' you would know what I mean.

Well as a Sermon - Hebrews starts out employing a type of logical argument called an ''A for-tiori Arg ...

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