by Zach Terry

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Our Great and Merciful King (3 of 11)
Series: Hebrews
Zach Terry
Hebrews 2:5-18

ANNOUNCE: Home group meeting following service in the Capshaw Commons area.

CONTEXT: The school system did us a great favor by combining all of the fall breaks together this year. It is helpful because rather than spreading the travel out across the fall season - we get it over with in just a week. So for about 2 Sundays we are effected - but now we are back to more of a normal pattern of attendance. While I prefer getting it over with and ripping off the bandaid of attendance - it is also creates a terrible time to launch a new series. So around 15-20% of you have no clue where we are in regards to our study of Hebrews.

So if you will allow me, today I will seek to do a little recap of what we've covered up to this point, before digging in to new material.

1. Author - We don't know...

2. Audience - We don't know...

3. Circumstances surrounding the writing - We don't know...

With that taken care of let's get into the new material.

In all seriousness - we have said that while we are uncertain who the human author is, we believe it is a 2nd generation writer who wrote with the permission or under the auspices of one of the Apostles. I suggested that Apollos would be a likely candidate by my estimation.

We said that we believe this letter was possibly written to combat the influence of the Essene community which was becoming influential toward the end of the first century.

The Essenes believed that God would send 2 messiahs - one political and one religious... both of which would ultimately bow down to the highest authority - Michael the ArcAngel.

We also noticed that rather than comparing salvation to the instantaneous experience of being, ''born again'', or being, ''married'' - the writer to the Hebrews draws an analogy between salvation and the wilderness wanderings of Exodus. Where the people were delivered FROM EGYPT and taken TO the promi ...

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