by Jerry Vines

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Daniel 1
Jerry Vines
Millennium Notebook #1

As we approach the coming millennium there are several areas of impending
concern. Some are concerned about a computer crash. You have probably read about the
Y2K problem and there are some who say that when we hit the year 2,000 there will be
widespread crashes in our computers. Others, on the other hand, are concerned about the
economic crash. Looking at the Asian markets and the problems with the Japanese yen,
some are saying that America is on the verge of an economic crash that we will not be
able to survive economically.
There’s another crash which is impending which I believe, unless Jesus tarries His
coming, may indeed take place. I refer to the moral crash. It appears to me as we
approach the new millennium that America is headed for a moral crash. ITEM: Chicago.
Two boys ages 7 and 8 kill an 11 year old girl and they find that she has also been
sexually assaulted. ITEM: Olympia, Washington. Five members of a female gang
arrested for robbery. ITEM: New York City. A dancer has appealed all the way to the
Supreme Court to be allowed to walk topless anywhere she pleases. ITEM: The
Clinton/Lewinsky affair. If the polls are to be believed, it is all right in America to lie if
you are lying about sex.
America is facing a moral crisis. They have taken some polls recently about the
American people’s attitude concerning the Ten Commandments. What we find is
alarming to say the least. Seventy-four percent of the American people, if you believe the
polls, say that it is all right to steal. Sixty-four percent of the American people say that
they would lie if it was advantageous for them to do so. Fifty-three percent said they
would commit adultery if the chance presented itself. Two percent of those who watch
pornography, only 2%, have any guilt whatsoever. We are heading, it appears toward a
moral crash.
Toynbee is ...

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