by Zach Terry

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Our Great High Priest (5 of 11)
Series: Hebrews
Zach Terry
Genesis 14; Hebrews 5-7

INTRODUCTION: I'm sure many of you got up this morning thinking - I'd like to hear a good sermon on Melchizedek. Well are fortunate that today that is exactly what we are going to learn about.

The fact is many of you may have never heard of this man. No one had Melchizedek in their flannel graph set in Sunday School.

If you have heard of this man you know just how mysteriously he comes on the scene only to disappear again.

But one day in heaven a man will introduce himself and say, ''Hello I am Melchizedek... and I don't want you to say, ''Melcheza -who?'' It would look bad for the church... The truth is this guy Melchizedek teaches us so very important things about Jesus that the writer to Hebrews assume is not incidental but fundamental to who Jesus is.

Before we jump into the text, I find it necessary to do some review of the old testament story that it is referencing.

GENESIS 14 - Abraham and Lot- Remember when God called Abraham to go into the land of Promise that his nephew Lot came with him. So we have Abraham who was a very wealthy man, his family and all of his servants. And we have Lot who also had significant wealth, his family, all of his servants. Both moving into the land God had promised.

Conflict between the herdsmen - As they entered the land there began to be a conflict between the servants of Abraham and the servants of Lot. So it seemed fitting that they should go their separate ways. Abraham allowed Lot to choose where he would settle, and Abraham would take the other course. Lot choose the well watered plains of Sodom - despite the fact that Sodom was infamous for it's immorality. It was the sin city of it's day.

So you have Lot and his people settling in Sodom and Abraham and his people settling in Canaan.

Chedorlaomer and Pillaging Kings - NOW - to the North there were 4 kings led by Chedorlaomer King of Elam- keep in mi ...

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