by Zach Terry

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There Are Only Two Religions (7 Of 11)
Series: Hebrews
Zach Terry
Hebrews 9

QUESTION: How does one inherit eternal life? Think of how you would answer that question and keep it in your mind... if possible write down three or four words that encompass your answer.

Opening illustration:
My first real experience with the gravity of guilt- was when I was a little boy - we broke my grandmother's birdbath. My best friend JJ Hill and I had be warned not to touch this concrete birdbath in my grandmothers front yard, but as we walked by we couldn't resist splashing each other and eventually it tipped over. We had to do something and we thought fast and decided to hide the pieces behind a roll of shrubs. My grandmother got home and we told her that a couple of guys stole it - we even gave her a description of the men. As far as we could tell that was the end of it.

I went home and avoided my parents, I went back into my room and closed the door.

My grandfather got home latter that day and as he was mowing he found the pieces to the birdbath. To teach me a lesson they called later and said, ''We found the men you described and the police have them surrounded at gunpoint right now''. He called my bluff...

The guilt was enormous but somehow I considered the possibility of letting them just go ahead and shoot the guys..... Eventually I confessed.

But it was at that age that I learned this incredible lesson -

1. I learned that guilt is experienced like a weight we carry.

2. I learned that guilt from one relationship affects every relationship.

3. I learned that guilt is like a monster that thrives in darkness and secrecy.

4. It was like a spot that couldn't be washed away.

ILLUSTRATION: Shakespeare captured the essence of guilt in the character of Lady McBeth who after urging for her husband's murder... found that the guilt was like a stain she couldn't wash away. She would wash her hands incessantly saying, ''out damned spot, out I sa ...

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