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Outside the Camp (11 of 11)
Series: Hebrews
Zach Terry
Hebrews 13:13

INTRODUCTION: Whether it's buddy the Elf, Kevin Mcallister, or Clark Griswold it seems that in the movies Christmas is all about coming together with friends and family and enjoying togetherness.

1. The Grinch - The grinch had a heart two sizes too small. He stole all of the who's presents.. but then he hears them singing -

Welcome Christmas, fa-hoo ramus
Welcome Christmas, da-hoo damus
Christmas day will always be
Just so long as we have we

So the message of Christmas is people, family, friends... a similar message is found in one of the all time favorites....

1. Its a Wonderful Life (1946) - George Bailey is at the end of his rope and almost the end of his life, but then just in the nick of time an Angel steps in. Now if anyone gets Christmas right it ought to be an Angel. But sadly to say this is no ordinary angel this is an Angel 2nd Class, he doesn't yet have his wings.

Well the moral of the story is summed up at the end in a statement that Clarence wrote in a book to George Bailey that said, ''George, Remember - no man is a failure who has friends''.

Is that it? Is that the message of Christmas? No - in fact it's quiet the opposite

CONTEXT: As you remember Hebrews was written to a group of Jewish people who were moving toward Christ and they had found it to be quite difficult.

You see there were two things that it was very difficult to be at the end of the first century -

1. A Jew - The Jews had been expelled from Rome and were falling under disrepute throughout the empire.

2. A Christian - Under Nero Christians had been severely persecuted and it was only going to get worse under Diocletian.

The only thing worse than being a Christian or a Jew was to be a Jewish Christian. That's exactly who this letter was written to.

They had already suffered greatly and it was about to get worse.

ILLUSTRATION: It's like the story we've told befo ...

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