by Robert Dawson

Life's Great Bully Defeated
Robert Dawson
1 Corinthians 15

One of the unfortunate and unenjoyable aspects of reality we are faced with from our earliest days of social development is that in life there are always people who like to intimidate, create fear and bully others.

1. Every toddler and preschool class has the one kid that hits, bites, punches, kicks, yells, screams and snatches everything from toys to hair and terrorizes all the other children, even the workers.

2. Every school, classroom, athletic field, cheer team and playground seems to have its bully. The bully was the one kid you did not want to see coming and you spent part of your time avoiding them and hiding your lunch money and homework from them.

3. Bullies are not things we outgrow as we get older. They just get bigger and choose to bully in different ways. There have always been and always will be people, of any age that enjoy perfecting the art of intimidation. They love to strike fear in the hearts of others. They feed off the power they have over other people.

4. It exists between people and it exists between nations. It exits from the nursery to the nursing home.

We have all been bullied at some point in our life by someone.

Though we may not realize it we live each day in the shadow of life's greatest bully. He waits quietly for his opportunity. He stalks the hallways and playgrounds of our everyday lives. He has intimidated every man, woman and child who has ever lived. We can only avoid him so long. The great bully on the playground of life is death. No matter how hard we try, we will all one day have to stare this bully in the face.

1. We can run from him as long as we can through health, exercise and medicine but he is relentless and will catch every single one us.

2. We all have an appointment with death.
a. From the moment we were born we were given an appointment card with death only the time and date were not filled in.
b. Our days are numbere ...

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