by Robert Dawson

Staying Faithful to the King
Robert Dawson
2 Samuel 15:13-22

One of the things people who love the bible appreciate is its openness and honesty about the messes and mistakes that occur in the lives of its brightest stars. It holds nothing back. If you are a faithful student or just a devotional reader of the Word of God you are acutely aware that some of the TV dramas cannot hold a candle to the some of the stories in Scripture.

King David's life could easily be a script for the next major television series or made for TV movie. It has an almost unbelievable story line.

1. He went from the sheep pen to the palace.

2. He went from being the keeper of grass fields to the killer of giants.

It is a rags to riches kind of story but not everything that happened in David's life was good. Despite being, as the Bible describes, a man after God's own heart David was not always good and did not always reflect God's heart. I want to give you a little background so you can understand the flow of this dramatic miniseries of as the 'Palace turns'.

I will try and give you the Cliff Notes version. At the end of the story we are going to focus in on a seemingly insignificant and little known role player in the drama of King David's life.

David was a man after God's own heart but he was not perfect. Though God blessed David and he prospered not all of his decisions were motivated by devotion to God.

Many were motivated by power, political policy and lust.

1. Because of that David set the stage for family and even national problems with his adulterous affair with Bathsheba and murder of Uriah the Hittite.

2. Because of this sin God told David the sword would never depart from his house and it did not.

David had a lot of wives and a lot of children a recipe for strife. David had a son named Absalom whose sister was Tamar. She was absolutely beautiful. They had a ½ brother Amnon. Amnon lusted after Tamar. The bible says that he mourned becau ...

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