by Robert Dawson

Walking with Tears
Robert Dawson
2 Corinthians 4:1-18

I read about a pastor who loved to hike and camp. That was a love he wanted to pass on to his son, Peter. When his son was just a small boy he planned what he thought would be an easy hike on the northern part of the Appalachian Trail. The journey would take them around the mountain to a beautiful lake in Vermont where they would spend the night.

This dad made thorough preparation for the hike including coaching his son. Over and over he told his son, who desperately wanted to go, ''The hike is going to be tough and it was okay to be tired but they had to keep on walking. No matter what, they had to keep on walking.''

Unfortunately, for both of them the hike was longer and tougher than expected because instead of taking the trail the led them around the mountain they took the trail that led them over the mountain and it was steep and broken.

The little boy repeatedly stumbled on the loose rocks but he kept on walking. The hike became a burden and not a joy but they kept on walking. The dad would occasionally remind the little guy about the lake and the fun they would have and would tell him to just keep walking.

Fun was not the word going through little Peter's mind. He had fallen so many times he ripped the knees in his blue jeans but to his credit he kept on walking until finally he fell and struggled one too many times and he sat down and started to cry. As he turned around to check on his little man this pastor heard his son say, ''I know, Dad. It's okay to cry as long as I keep walking.''

We all know how the little guy felt.

1. There are times, for whatever reasons and the reasons are almost infinite, the road we are traveling in life is steeper, more difficult and treacherous than we ever imagined.

2. We have fallen and gotten hurt time and time again and it would be much easier to sit down, give up and just cry. We don't want the heartache or the hurt anymore.

Even Chri ...

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