by Robert Dawson

You Are What You Pray
Robert Dawson
Daniel 6

We are going to take a break from our study in Hebrews tonight. Instead of turning there I want you to turn to the OT book of Daniel, chapter 6. It is a very familiar story. It is the story of Daniel and the lion's den

Life is not always simple. The road we travel is not always smooth nor straight. Life continually presents us with twists, turns and at times detours. Struggles, problems, challenges and trials are common to life. The Bible never hides that truth. The Bible never promises a pain-free, trouble-free or trial-free life. Instead it promises just the opposite and even tells us that if we desire to live Godly in this present age that we can even expect persecution.

Most people are people watchers - unfortunately we often pay more attention to other people's lives than we do our own. In our curiosity, we will not call it being nosy, have you ever paid attention to how different people respond to life's difficulties?

1. You have those of us who are simply overwhelmed - and destroyed by them.

2. You also have those who seem to have this indomitable spirit. They always seem to rise above the chaos. They seem to find a way to succeed and grow personally despite the current and difficult reality they are facing. Life's challenges - big or small - don't seem to faze them. Their faith is not weakened but strengthened. Their spirit is not cast down and destroyed but refined.

3. When I see those people I sit back in awe and wonder and think to myself - how did they do that? You begin to ask yourself, ''Where did they come from? What material are they made out of because it is definitely a higher grade than what I am made out of? What is it that they know that I don't? What are they doing that I haven't?''

These people are rare - they are truly and genuinely unusual in the best sort of way. In the back pages of the OT there is a man like that - a man by the name of Daniel.

1. Daniel rose above ...

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