by Robert Dawson

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The Truth about Jesus (1 of 14)
Series: 1 John
Robert Dawson
1 John 1:1-4

Balderdash - You have crazy words that most normal people do not know the answer to and you make up definitions for them --- one person reads everyone's attempts at defining the word. Somewhere in those muddled definitions is the real definition and you had to determine which is real and which is not.

The churches in Asia Minor, to whom John was writing, faced a similar challenge. Several false teachers and teachings had arisen posing to be the truth and offering competing definitions of the Gospel and of who Jesus Christ really was.

Since the very beginnings of Christianity there have always been competing, confusing and divisive beliefs emerge within the church. These divergent doctrines were creating problems within the church...

It was leading to division. It was leading to doubt.

1. About the person of Christ and therefore about Atonement and Salvation

2. About the nature of sin, identity of the believer, moral constraints of the believer

3. About the relationships of believers with one another and the world

From John's letter (some have said resembles a sermon more than a letter b/c some of the customary greetings and styling of a letter is missing) we will not be able to completely reconstruct what these false teachers were promoting but we will be able to learn much about them by what they were denying.

1. Sometimes we can tell a lot more about a person by what they will not say as much as what they will say. (Democratic National Convention removing any reference to God from their platform statements of some 40,000 words as they push President Obama's election bid at their convention this week --- very telling about what they believe by what they refuse to affirm.)

2. We should realize that in life, politics and matters of faith that what is not said, not taught, not affirmed speaks just as powerfully as what is.
a. In this letter we find that muc ...

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