by Jerry Vines

God Bless the USA
Psalm 85
Jerry Vines

In the presidential campaign of 1984, country singer Lee Greenwood, introduced
a song entitled “God Bless the USA” It seemed to catch the spirit of the age at that time,
a renewed of hope and desire and ambition that the Lord would bless our country again
and that we would approximate what God intended when He allowed this country to be
founded. It was similar to the song introduced over 50 years ago by Kate Smith when
she introduced the song, “God Bless America.” So there is the great sense and the great
desire at a time of patriotism that we will call again upon the blessings of Almighty God.
I don’t think I have ever witnessed a time in America when we are as desperately
in need of God’s blessings as we are right now. We seem to have a multitude of problems
everywhere we turn. We need the blessing of God upon our nation again.
I think about the crime problem we are experiencing in America. It has come to
epidemic proportion. Every twenty-four hour day, somewhere in America, there are 65
murders. There are 299 rapes. There are 3088 assault and batteries. There are 4414 auto
thefts. There are 8164 burglaries. Crime seems to be out of hand in America.
Our schools seem to be in a crisis stage. The public schools are experiencing
tremendous problems. We are living in a day when policemen patrol the halls of our
schools. Hoodlums have become the heroes of many of our boys and girls in school.
Things are out of hand in public schools. We need the blessing of God. We need to turn
to God again and ask Him to bless America.
Psalm 85 is the Bible setting I want to use to ask that God bless America again.
When you get into these opening verses you find-
I. America’s FAVOR.
Verse 1 says, “LORD, thou hast been favorable unto thy land.” It has been
paraphrased this way. Lord, you have poured out amazing blessing upon this land. That
is certainly true. You will ...

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