by Robert Dawson

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Truths about Fellowship with God (3 of 14)
Series: 1 John
Robert Dawson
1 John 1:5-2:2

At this point in the election process it is not unusual for outrageous claims to be thrown around rather freely.

If we were to believe everything we heard from all parties involved then we would have to believe that in the next four years that regardless of who is elected to be President they will somehow miraculously find a way to: Fix healthcare; Fix national debt crisis; Fix the economy; Fix Social Security, Medicare and Medicad; Fix the Middle East and solve our energy and fuel problems.

We hear these things and most everyone in here would love to see someone fix all of these problems. As we listen to all the election rhetoric we listen with a sense of hope that these things could actually happen or at the very least get better.

Despite our hopes and all the campaign promises and bravado these claims ring rather hollow in our ears. Rather than some glorious melody they sound more like the screeching of fingernails on a blackboard.

In the letter of 1 John the aged apostle is dealing with some spiritual claims that are rather absurd and outrageous.

1. Claims dealing with God's nature and ours that are kind of hard to swallow no matter how many spoonfuls of sugar are added.

2. The claims being made in John's day are to some degree and on some level still being made today.

There were people who did not believe their actions/lifestyle had anything to do with God. They believed that how they acted and how they lived did not affect their fellowship with God.

There were some who claimed to have a vibrant relationship with God and intimate fellowship with God while at the same time living a life that was less than God like and most assuredly not God honoring.

1. They justified their life and their beliefs by either minimizing sin or excusing it by saying it really doesn't matter what we do...especially now that we are saved.

2. Sin no longer ...

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