by Robert Dawson

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A Love That God Hates (6 of 14)
Series: 1 John
Robert Dawson
1 John 2:15-17

A class of small children was given a tour of the hospital. After the tour was complete the children were allowed to ask questions at the very end. One, fairly observant but probably distracted young boy, asked this question. 'Why does everybody around here wash their hands so much?' Laughter broke out among the children and even the chaperones. The nurse conducting the tour gave a fantastic answer. She said, 'we wash our hands so much around here because we love health and we hate germs.

Love, while we may not often think of it in this way, is exclusive. True love demands that we exclude the possibility of love for other things.

True love means there are some things we must reject and even hate.

If I am not mistaken this week is the big game, Georgia vs. Florida. If you are a true Georgia fan then you cannot love the Gators. If you are a true Gator fan then you cannot love the Bulldogs. Love is exclusive.

We do not often connect the two but in reality love and hate go hand in hand. If you love something or someone there are naturally going to be things that you hate. Think about it in this way...

1. If I love my wife I will hate what harms or threatens her or seeks to come between us.

2. If I love my children I will hate what would harm them or lead them astray.

In this little letter John reminds us of this exclusive nature of true love. If we truly love God, which is what John has been talking about and will continue to talk about, then there are going things we are going to reject. If we love God there will be things we cannot love and must hate and turn away from.

This is where John focuses his attention in verses 12-14 of 1 John 2. In these verses we are going to discover a love that God hates. We are going to discover a love that is forbidden for the believer and why it is forbidden.

1 John 2.15-17 - Do not love the world nor the things in the worl ...

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