by Jerry Vines

Matthew 25:1-13
Jerry Vines

I’m going to tell a story directed to Middle Schoolers and if you adults want to
listen you can do so. If not take a little snooze and when it’s over your wife can wake
you up and take you home and put you to bed.
This is a story Jesus told. I want you to follow along in your Bible. Jesus was
the greatest story teller who ever told a story. Of all people who could take a story and
make it come to life, it was the Lord Jesus Christ. The stories of Jesus are called parables
in the Bible. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Jesus would take
something that people were familiar with, something that people knew about, and He
would use that familiar story as an illustration of a spiritual or a heavenly truth.
That’s what Jesus does in this story I’m going to tell you this evening. Jesus just
takes a slice out of the life of the people of that day and tells them a story about a
wedding. June (this month) is the month for weddings and probably a lot of you ladies
here were June brides. We know about weddings. We know how that the bride gets all
dressed up in her beautiful bridal gown and the husband gets all dressed up in his tux and
they have bridesmaids and groomsmen. The organ plays Here Comes The Bride. She
comes down the aisle and there stands that groom. His knees are playing “Amazing
Grace” as he stands there. The preacher is there. They stand in front of the preacher. He
looks at her and says, “Do you?” She says, “I do.” He looks at him and says, “Do you?”
and He says, “I do.” Then he says, “I pronounce you husband and wife.” They are
That is exactly how it came about for you and I to be in this world. Back
somewhere your mother and your daddy stood before a preacher and said, “I do,” and
became husband and wife. The result of that union was the existence of your life and my
A wedding is a very important ...

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