by Jerry Vines

Doing Business for Jesus
Jerry Vines
Luke 19:11-28

I am looking at some of the stories Jesus told. It's important to get this story. It's one of the longest stories Jesus told.

Two thousand years ago the Lord Jesus Christ came to this earth. He walked among men and He lived a perfect life. Then he died on the cross for the sins of the whole world and he was buried. Three days later the Lord Jesus Christ rose again, ascended back to heaven. Before Jesus went back to heaven He said, "I am going to come again." The question arises between the first coming and the second coming of our Lord Jesus. What are those of us who live in this age supposed to do? He came the first time to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself. He comes the second time to rule and reign on this earth. What does the Lord want us to do? What is to occupy our time? What is to give all of our efforts and activities meaning and purpose?

Jesus told this particular story in order for us to understand the answer to that question. In verse 11 we are told why Jesus told this story at this particular time. The eleventh verse said that the disciples thought that the kingdom of God was going to immediately appear. That means they believed that the Lord was going to set up His kingdom on the earth right then. Now, they were right in the fact that the Lord is going to have a kingdom on this earth. They were wrong as to the time when that kingdom would be established. To say that the kingdom of God is immediately going to appear means it's going to happen right now, on the spot. The Bible teaches the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent, though it may not necessarily be immediate. Immediate means it's going to happen right now. Imminent means it could happen at any time. So, Jesus told this story to let us know there's going to be an intermediary period -- a period of time between the first and the second coming and in th ...

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