by Jerry Vines

Job 1-3
Jerry Vines

The book of Job may be the oldest book in the Bible. It is certainly a book that has a message
for us that is unlike any other book of the Bible. In fact, it is unlike any book in all of world literature.
It is an old book and yet it has a very modern message. The message of the book of Job is for the old
and for the young. It is for the rich and also for the poor. It has a message for the Christian believer
and also a message for any person in the world who is not a believer.
The book of Job grapples with one of the great problems of the world. It is the great problem
of suffering and especially why is it that good people - people who love the Lord - experience suffering
in this life. It is a problem that causes God's people to question and God's people to struggle in our day
and in all of the ages of the Christian faith. We know that God is an all-loving God, but if God is all-
loving, why does He permit people to suffer? We know and believe that God is all-powerful, but if
God is all-powerful, why doesn't God prevent some of the great tragedies that occur?
We will find that this is not an easy problem to resolve. We will find that there are no pat nor
easy answers to this question - the great question of the presence of suffering in this world.
Job was a real person. This is not fiction, not an imaginary, made-up story. This is the account
about something that actually happened to a man who really lived. He is referred to in the book of
Ezekiel 14:14,20. There he is mentioned alongside Noah and Daniel as examples of righteous men.
Just like Noah was real, just like Daniel was real, Job was a real man and that verse lets us know that
he was a saved man.
He is also referred to in ...

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