by Jerry Vines

Job 2:11-13;4-7
Jerry Vines

I think it will be helpful for us to recap the introductory message about the Book of Job. We see
there is a three-fold division of the book. I call the first three chapters the Prologue, which is the
introduction. Then chapters 4-41 is the Dialogue, which is the discussion. Then the last chapter is the
Epilogue which is the conclusion. This is the way the Holy Spirit has laid out the book of Job for us.
Recapping what we had in those opening three chapters, we are told about a good and a godly man named
Job. We are told that he loved the Lord, that he was a man who had a fortune, he had a family. He was
a man with a genuine faith in God. Behind the scenes, Job not knowing what was going on, there was a
meeting in heaven in the heavenly council. Satan brings an accusation against this man Job. He basically
says that Job does not serve God for God Himself, but for what God gives him - for what Job can get out
of God. So, Job becomes a test case. His life becomes a laboratory where God demonstrates to the
world that faith can be real, that faith can be genuine.
Keep in mind that you and I know what's going on. Job didn't know what was going on at the time.
So, out of this experiences one of the grave problems of life is addressed. It is the problem of suffering.
The great question that arises is - why is Job suffering? We know that God has said that this is a man who
is the greatest man in all of the earth at that particular time. We know that God says that this man is a
blameless man and a man who has a vital relationship by faith with him. Others do not know that. The
friends of Job do not know that. Job does not know what the devil is doing in the background. This is the
atmosphere that ...

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