by Jerry Vines

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Matthew 13:31-32
Jerry Vines

In Matthew 13 the Lord Jesus gives us a series of seven stories which answer many of the
perplexing questions which people have today. They are questions that have to do with what God is doing
in our particular age. We believe that when God created this world He did not walk away from the world
but God is vitally interested in His creation and with what is going on in this day. We are living in what is
known as the age of grace or the age of the church. That means that during this particular time the saving
good news of the Lord Jesus Christ is being preached. People have the opportunity to hear how God
loved us so much that He sent His son the Lord Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. If we will turn from
our sins and receive His offer of eternal life the Bible says that we can be saved. So, during this age that's
what God is doing. As you look at what's going on in the age and the things that are taking place there are
some perplexing problems that arise.
This story of the Lord Jesus is a very brief and simple story, yet it is a story that is absolutely loaded
with unusual meaning. It's the story Jesus told about a man who had a single grain of mustard seed. He
planted it in the ground and it came up and became a mustard plant. Then it became a tree with branches
and then the birds of the air came and began to make nests and to settle in the branches of the tree.
This answers some questions for us that I'm sure all of us have raised. One question we raise today
is - why is it that some of the major Christian denominations in the world have turned away from the
fundamentals of the faith. I'm sure all of you are aware of this and you have read about it.
From time to time in our daily news paper, you will read articles in national magazines about people ...

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