by Jerry Vines

Luke 23:33
Jerry Vines

When you read what Luke has to say about the cross of Calvary and the crucifixion you are
surprised that there is such a lack of detail and description. Luke, as you know, was a doctor. Some
believe he was also an artist. You would expect an artist to be much more vivid in the portrayal he
would give of the crucifixion scene of our Lord. We would expect some details about the pain Jesus
endured. We would expect descriptions made of the land and all of the background and the scene.
Yet, when you read the description of Dr. Luke you will find that it is very, very brief and to the point.
I think one of the sadder aspects of our modern culture is our tendency to exaggerate the
grotesque and the extreme. For instance today our poor celebrities don't have a chance hardly. Their
private life seems to be an object of photographers' desire to take pictures. There seems to be very
little respect for personal rights and very little reverence for life. If the Lord had been crucified today I
wonder if some photographer wouldn't take a full-length picture of the bloody cross and sell it to a
tabloid journal.
But when you study the Scriptures and see what Luke says about the death of the Lord Jesus
it's a scene that's almost too sacred to depict. It is a picture that the Word of God seems very reluctant
to even give us many details concerning. When our Savior died on the cross of Calvary, God was
doing something that this world would never comprehend but He was doing something that made
possible your forgiveness and mine and our salvation.
The Bible says he was crucified at the place called Calvary. We do know that Calvary means
the place of the skull. Many legends have grown up around this place. ...

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