by Jerry Vines

Matthew 25:14-30
Jerry Vines

In Matthew 25, Jesus told a story which explains
to us exactly how you can be a successful person. It's
a long story, but I'll read enough verses so you will
understand the gist of it and we'll know what Jesus is
saying. The Lord Jesus has been talking about His
going back to heaven and His coming again. In
connection with His coming again He tells a series of
parables or stories and this is one of them we find
right in the midst of that section.
In this story the Lord Jesus tells us how to be a
successful person. We are living in a success-
oriented society. There is all around us the desire
and the ambition to be successful. You go to a
bookstore and you will find that the shelves are
filled with "how to" books. "How to be a successful
cotton-picker." "How to be a successful horn-blower."
The books are filled with stories of how you can be a
success in whatever particular endeavor you would like
to be and to do. None of us want to be a failure.
All of us like to feel that we are succeeding in
what we are trying to do. I have the feeling though
that there are many people today who think they are a
success so far as this world is concerned, but they
really do not know the meaning of success. Success,
as this world looks upon it, is a rather empty
experience for many people. I was reading recently
about a best-selling author who made the statement
that when you get to the top there is nothing there.
Then I read about a successful CEO of a company in
Raleigh, NC, who resigned right at the pinnacle of his
career. Here's what he said, "I climbed the ladder of
success all my life only to discover that my ladder
was leaning against the wrong building." There are a
lot of people like that in the world. A lot of people
who spend their lives trying to be a success in terms
of what this world calls succes ...

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