by Jerry Vines

Job 42
Jerry Vines

Saving the best for last. Isn't that just like God? God always saves the best for last. The book
of Job begins in chapter 1, verse 1, by saying, "There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job."
It concludes 42 chapters later by saying, "So Job died, being old and full of days."
Job lived. And Job died. It's kind of the story of all of our lives. We live and we die. It reminds
you of Genesis 5. As you read that chapter you will notice a list of people whose names are given and it
says about them - they lived and they died. But the story line is always between those two. It is between
the living and the dying that the story of our life is told. For instance, in Genesis 5 they lived and they died,
but there was a man named Enoch and the Bible says, "God took him." The story line of Enoch's life was
-- he lived, he didn't die because God took him. The story line of Job was he lived and he died, but in
between those two God tested him. Job was a test case. The question before the court was - is Job
serving God for what he gets out of it, or is he serving God for God himself?
There are three main divisions of the book of Job. It begins with the prologue which gives us the
setting. It continues with the dialogue which gives us the struggle which Job experiences. It concludes with
the epilogue which gives us the sequel and shows how God saves the best indeed for last. Job gets what
he has been wanting. Job gets his meeting with God. But now that Job has had his meeting with God he
realizes that he is absolutely totally beaten. If you ever get into a war of words with God, it is a battle that
you cannot win. Listen to what one writer says about it when we come to this point. He says, "seeing
God, Job forgets all he w ...

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